Waste amalgam collection services for dentists

Dental waste

Dental waste is an important area where mercury can enter the environment uncontrollably. This includes unused dental amalgam and the contents of wastewater separators in dental chairs, where particles of heavy metals arising from dental work are concentrated. We collect all this waste for disposal and our staff regularly visit dental surgeries and personally collect this waste. Due to the legislation, which does not entirely distinguish between grams or tons of hazardous waste, we also provide related activities for our partners, such as issuing confirmations, reporting transport, etc.

We buy and collect waste from dental surgeries and laboratories throughout the country and process everything in our facility with our own laboratory, which is used to collect, concentrate, and reprocess mercury-containing waste.


We have all the required permits for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste that are valid throughout the Czech Republic.

You can find the list of waste codes that we accept, process, dispose of or recycle in the Downloads tab.

We offer a wide range of services for dentistry:

  1. We conclude contracts for the removal of dental waste.

  2. We provide regular waste collection by prior arrangement.

  3. We accept

  • Other waste (e.g., O 180107)

  • Hazardous dental waste containing precious metals (e.g., N 180110).

  1. We remove the amalgam from amalgam separators.

  2. We take care of all the administration related to reporting to the ISPOP system - from reporting the shipment, through printing the OLPNO, issuing the “Waste Acceptance Confirmation”, to confirming the shipment in the ISPOP system.

  3. We keep continuous records of the waste we receive from you.


For doctors who regularly hand over waste to us, we provide the following documents:

  • ILNO (hazardous waste identification sheet)

  • PIO (written waste information)

  • Hazardous waste container labels

Additional services:

  • Sale of spare containers for Dürr and Metasys 1 separators

Where are we going

Where are we going

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