We are currently the only producer of mercury in the Czech Republic. Thanks to vacuum distillation, the purity of the mercury that we produce is at least 99.999%. This purified mercury is used in our products:

1.1. Liquid mercury in packages from 250 g to 5000 g (or according to customer requirements)

1.2. Mercury packaged in micro-bags used for the production of dental amalgam in weights of 400, 600, 800, and 1200 mg

The production of micro-bags takes place on our machine of our own design with unique technology, where 24 bags are produced at one time. The output of the machine is around 120 bags in 1 minute (depends on the size).

For questions about mercury, cleaning, terms of purchase and disposal of waste containing mercury, you can use the contact form below

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BOME s.r.o. ,
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Telephone: +420 381 213 440

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V Jezírku 544
252 43 Průhonice
Telephone: +420 267 750 010
Email: info@bome.cz

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DIČ: CZ47217201

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